Suspect says shooting of wife was accidental

A man arrested Monday on a murder charge after shooting his wife said her death was an accident, his arrest report revealed Tuesday.

Robert Marshall, 66, wanted to show his wife, Dorothy Marshall, that guns were "nothing to be afraid of," the Las Vegas police report said he told detectives.

The shooting happened about 9:30 a.m. at their home at 1701 Robin St., near Vegas Drive and Simmons Street in the central valley.

Marshall said his wife made him breakfast and coffee as he loaded several guns in the spare bedroom.

She made a comment that he "spent more time with his guns than he did with her," Marshall told police.

Marshall told detectives he had a felony conviction and could not own firearms that fired cartridges, so he kept a large collection of replica black powder rifles and revolvers.

Because his wife was afraid of guns, Marshall took a revolver to the living room and told her "it was just a piece of metal" that could not hurt her unless someone pulled the trigger, the report said.

Marshall then half-cocked the hammer so the cylinder would spin.

At some point when the gun was pointed at her head, it "went off," Marshall told police.

Marshall told police he immediately put the gun down and called 911 in a panic.

He also said his wife's hands were in her lap when the gun went off.

Marshall told police he and his wife had not argued before the incident and had lunch plans.

Evidence at the scene indicated Dorothy Marshall raised her left hand in a defensive position, the report said.

Police also said the gun had been re-cocked, which advanced the cylinder, and then de-cocked manually.

That differed from Marshall's account.

Because of the conflicting evidence, Marshall was arrested and booked at the county jail on no bail.

Marshall's first court appearance was scheduled to take place this morning .

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