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Washoe County benches school superintendent

Pedro Martinez, the former deputy superintendent of Clark County School District who resigned in 2012 to become superintendent of Washoe County School District, has been relieved of duty “effective immediately,” according to the Northern Nevada school system.

Schools struggling for feedback with parent surveys

About 5,900 parent surveys, which can drive changes in the Clark County School District, have been completed so far. That’s a mere 2 percent participation rate that falls far short of the 230,000 families in the nation’s fifth-largest school district.

60th anniversary of school segregation ban, inequality lingers

May 17, 2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the court’s decision to desegregate educational institutions in Brown v. Board of Education, a ruling meant to “stamp out bigotry and racism in all their forms,” an ongoing social issue that impacts a growing population.

CCSD budgeting practices under review

Officials from some of the most well-known segments of Southern Nevada industry are coming together to evaluate the budgeting practices of the Clark County School District, a “business” that employs more people than any other entity in Nevada.

CCSD superintendent earns plaudits during performance review

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky’s first performance review was filled with praise Friday from his seven bosses on the Clark County School Board, who applauded the improvement in teacher morale. But board members also expressed concern over communication with the board and parents, whose children attend the nation’s fifth-largest school district.