Animal Foundation’s #SaveALifeWeek success, over 300 saved

More than 300 lives were saved during The Animal Foundation’s recent promotion to adopt pit bulls and chihuahuas at a discount to help free up space, according to the organization.

On the first day of the promotion, dubbed #SaveALifeWeek, 81 dogs were adopted, according to the foundation. An average adoption rate for dogs on a weekday for the foundation ranges from 15 to 20. From May 21-27, 309 dogs found homes.

Pit bulls and chihuahuas, the two breeds in danger of being euthanized more than others, normally go for about $105 and $155 respectively, said Meghan Scheibe, marketing and public relations manager for the foundation. The special price was $40.

Many apartment complexes won’t allow pit bulls and insurance companies won’t cover them, Scheibe said, which puts the breed at risk.

At least 110 animals come into the shelter on an average day. The Animal Foundation only can hold about 275 dogs before it has to start trying to shrink the population.

Summer is the busiest time for the shelter, and prospective adopters are encouraged to stop by, Scheibe said.

The Animal Foundation is a nonprofit and one of Nevada’s largest animal shelters.

Besides dogs and cats, it accepts ferrets, gerbils and rabbits. It even has a few desert tortoises available for adoption.

The shelter offers low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, vaccines, microchips and volunteer and foster opportunities.

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