Sandoval signs bill lifting prohibition on toll roads in Nevada

Private companies could contribute to building a toll road around Boulder City under a bill signed today by Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Senate Bill 506, which lifts a prohibition on toll roads in Nevada for the purpose of a demonstration bypass around Boulder City, was among 59 bills Sandoval has signed or vetoed so far today, the last day for him to approve or kill bills from the 2011 legislative session.

The Boulder City bypass was contained in an amendment to SB506 sought by Sen. Joe Hardy, R-Boulder City.

Hardy fended off last-minute opposition from unions during the waning moments of the 120-day session that concluded June 7 in order to ensure the bill passed.

Hardy and other proponents say it could lead to as much as $400 million in private investment to build the road, which could create thousands of construction jobs.

Other bills Sandoval signed this morning included:

--Senate Bill 98, which contains public sector collective bargaining reforms sought by Republicans in the Legislature.

--Senate Bill 262, which would allow the community of Laughlin to pursue incorporation as a city.

--Assembly Bill 219, which would allow the state to claim proceeds from slot machine cash-out tickets that are abandoned by customers in Nevada casinos.

Sandoval vetoed four bills:

--Assembly Bill 550, which would have allowed a study on creating ports of entry to the state.

--Assembly Bill 301, which would have automatically restored to felons the right to vote upon completion of their felony sentence.

--Assembly Bill 578, which would have created nine joint standing committees to meet between legislative sessions.

--Senate Bill 254, which would have changed laws covering dispute resolutions for homeowners associations.

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