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Former Nevada Rep. Jim Santini dies

James D. Santini, a champion of mining and tourism who represented Nevada in Congress as the state was embarking on a run of unprecedented growth in the mid- to late 1970s, passed away Tuesday. He was 78.

Sandoval kicks off Nevada drought summit

Gov. Brian Sandoval opened a three-day water summit Monday with his own observations of a drought-stricken landscape of depleted reservoirs, rivers reduced to trickles and mountaintops no longer capped with snow.

Knowing Dalitz made Merv Adelson a winner

Merv Adelson was 83 years old, but he was still limber enough to play semantical Twister. When Vanity Fair special correspondent Bryan Burrough asked the obvious question in 2013 about Adelson's historical ties to the late mob bootlegging king and Las Vegas forefather Moe Dalitz, the octogenarian's backflip would have made a Cirque du Soleil acrobat proud.