The new home page home page: new and improved

Today the Las Vegas Review-Journal launches an all new, more easily maneuverable home page at

All the familiar news and features are still there, but the content is presented with improved organization to make navigation more intuitive. Stories are ranked by our editors, making it easier for the reader to follow breaking and developing stories.

A series of tabs in the main window will allow you to quickly access the area of greatest interest to you, whether that is photos and videos, columns and blogs, the most popular items or upcoming events.

Our new Calendar will let you zero in on the local events in which you are most interested, and lets you know when and where they will be taking place almost instantly. We give you our recommendations, but also provide a powerful, user-friendly planning tool so you won't miss a thing. Readers can also rate and review the shows.

We've also improved our search engine to give you the ability to target a search more accurately for just the information you seek.

Click on Nate Tannenbaum's tutorial on the home page for a step-by-step walkthrough of the key elements to explore.

Thomas Mitchell is the editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. You can reach him at