NLV police officer under internal investigation in car crash

A North Las Vegas police officer who was on paid leave for firing his weapon on duty earlier this year faces an internal investigation for allegedly leaving the scene of a car crash.

Sgt. Tim Bedwell said Friday that Brian Kolstad's actions on the night of March 9 are being probed by his department. He said in general terms, at the conclusion of the investigation, an officer facing similar allegations could be cleared, or face either a letter of reprimand or termination.

Bedwell said Kolstad received two misdemeanor citations from Las Vegas police for leaving the scene of a crash that didn't cause injuries, and for not staying in his lane during a crash in the northwest Las Vegas Valley.

On Feb. 17, Kolstad, who has more than seven years of experience with the department, fired his weapon at a person acting suspiciously outside an apartment complex near Losee Road and Deer Springs Way.

Police said he fired his gun after hearing gunshots while on patrol.

When Kolstad tried to stop the person, there was an exchange of gunfire, police said.

The officer was struck in his police badge. He was not seriously injured. The suspect fled.

Bedwell said the criminal investigation into the officer-involved shooting hasn't been completed yet. He said he expects the internal investigation to be competed sometime in May.

According to a Las Vegas police report, the crash incident occurred about 5:30 a.m. near U.S. Highway 95 and Durango Drive. The report said Kolstad made a right turn and sideswiped a car headed west. Both drivers stopped while the other driver called police. The report said Kolstad left the scene after 30 minutes and didn't exchange information with the second driver.

Kolstad was then located by police at a residence. He told police that he was sideswiped by the other driver. He said the other driver threatened him. He added that he left the scene because he saw the other driver call police, the report said.