Six officers fired weapons as woman drove car stolen car toward them

Six Henderson police officers fired shots at two suspects who sped at police in a stolen vehicle Monday night, killing the female driver and wounding the male passenger, a department release said Tuesday.

Police said Monday that the suspects were both men.

Neither suspect was identified by authorities Tuesday. The woman, who police said appeared to be in her 30s, will be identified by the Clark County coroner's office.

According to the release, officers were called about 8 p.m. Monday to the MacDonald Highlands community in response to reports that two suspects had stolen a car at gunpoint.

As officers pursued, the suspects drove the stolen car to the end of MacDonald Ranch Drive, where they became stuck in a gravel road, the police release said.

Police negotiated with the suspects for about 45 minutes. The driver then put the vehicle in reverse and drove "directly at the officers," at which time the officers fired, police said.

"The officers were placed in a life-threatening situation and were forced to defend themselves," the release said.

Police said the suspects had been on a crime spree in Henderson that may have included a home invasion, confrontations with security officers and the theft of another vehicle.

The male suspect was being treated at an area hospital on Tuesday. He will face a "minimum" of charges that include armed robbery, burglary and automobile theft, police said.

It's not clear how many shots were fired or how many times the suspects were shot.

The names of the officers will be identified 48 hours after the incident, in accordance with department policy.