White supremacist group marches in downtown LV

About 45 members of the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group, marched downtown Saturday afternoon in an effort to speak out against granting amnesty for illegal immigrants in the country.

The group held shields and flags bearing swastikas, and chanted "deport the illegal aliens," "impeach Obama" and "immigrants go home." They ended their march in front of the Mexican Consulate, 330 S. Fourth St.

A flier for the group said Saturday's event was part of a "mission to reclaim the southwest." It added that Mexico has to do a better job taking care of its citizens. Las Vegas police said the group's march ended without incident. There were no counterprotesters.

Michael Flores, Nevada's director of Reform Immigration for America, said members who marched Saturday are mistaken.

"We're not fighting for amnesty," Flores said. "We're fighting for a pathway to citizenship."