Canceled corporate trip an anti-stimulus

To the editor:

What will stimulate our local economy? Will people buying airline tickets to Las Vegas stimulate the local economy? Yes. Will people paying cabdrivers to take them to their hotels stimulate the local economy? Yes. Will people tipping bellhops, waiters, maids and busboys stimulate the local economy? Yes. Will people buying show tickets and eating at fine restaurants stimulate the local economy? Yes. Will people traveling back to their homes stimulate the local economy? Yes.

But all the above stimulus won't happen because Wells Fargo canceled its company's trip to Las Vegas. Many of these local working people may have counted on this corporation's stimulus to pay their mortgage or feed their families.

I understand that some of the bailout money may not be being spent wisely and we can't account for where some of the money is going. But we can see where these dollars would have gone. I think someone made a mistake.

Neil Schwartz


Off limits

To the editor:

Did our esteemed Nevada officials, the ones who voted for the bailout packages, know that Las Vegas was going to be declared "off limits" to any business that took my tax dollars, like Wells Fargo?

Boy, do I feel like my best interests are being served.

Richard Vertrees


Time bomb

To the editor:

Senate Taxation Committee Chairman Bob Coffin's warning that taxes will be increased everywhere possible to balance the state's budget (Wednesday Review-Journal) presents only one side of the story. What we have heard from him and his cohorts so far is that reduced expenditures will not be a significant part of the solution.

But if your Feb. 1 report about Henderson's former police chief drawing a full pension and a wad of accrued vacation and unused sick pay at age 47 even partially applies to other government employees, our fiscally irresponsible representatives need to ditch the tax rhetoric and get to work. Just delaying pensions until age 60 and eliminating the practice of paying employees when they are not sick could save hundreds of millions of dollars.

And continuing to delay defusing this time bomb will only make it much worse.

Tom Keller