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Out of time, out of tax options

Carson City faces quite a conundrum: state budgets are closed, and so is the window for considering anything other than gross receipts and business taxes to fund them.

School maintenance goes missing

Contrary to what taxpayers might have been led to believe, the state’s school construction issue was not resolved by the bond extension that became law in March. It was just a start.

Raising wage lowers boom on teens

One simple explanation for lawmakers’ lack of concern about the negative effects of minimum wage increases: The people most harmed by such wage hikes can’t vote.

Bill hardly an attack on middle class

Nevada lawmakers don’t have to look too hard for reasons to pass Assembly Bill 182, which contains provisions that public employee bargaining groups have labeled “union Armageddon.” In fact, lawmakers can find the biggest justification for the bill walking the halls of the Legislative Building as a paid lobbyist.

GOP infighting could derail Sandoval

The school bond bill that blew through the Legislature last week came with a steep price tag — one every bit as expensive as the estimated $3.5 billion in Clark County School District construction it enables.

City needs new vision for downtown

Carolyn Goodman announced Thursday that Major League Soccer had rejected Las Vegas’ bid for an expansion franchise. The decision did much more than dash the mayor’s dream of downtown professional sports. It killed the unpopular downtown soccer stadium project she championed.

Important differences between 2003, 2015 legislative sessions

The similarities between the 2015 Legislature and the 2003 Legislature are well-documented by now. But there are important differences between 2015 and 2003, differences that point to a different ending this year — and, hopefully, a different long-term outcome for the state.

Take your own advice, governor

“All things being equal, we prefer to keep more of our earnings. That fact makes new taxes a tough sell. As such, the proponents of new taxes, like any good marketer, ignore what’s unpopular about the product. Instead, they point to the alleged benefits of the tax, rarely mentioning the costs. … Speaking out against new benefits is not popular. Hard truths rarely are. … Tax revenues, as we all know, have to come from somewhere, and someone will have to pay. … Spending is so much more enjoyable when you ignore where the money comes from. But we must try to resist the easy temptation to forget the burdens of taxation, even when that burden may fall on someone else.”

Sandoval in tricky spot for State of State

Gov. Brian Sandoval is going to have to call on all his patience, all his skills of persuasion and all of his substantial political capital to navigate the legislative traps that await his reform agenda.

Be very afraid

Taxpayers are like Floyd Mayweather Jr. opponents. Everyone expects them to take a beating.

Sounding the alarm on pension reform

Just in time for the start of the 2015 Legislature, outgoing Clark County Fire Chief Bertral Washington is helping to make the case for major public employee pension reforms.

An irrelevant caucus no more

As soon as this weekend, Nevadans might learn the reform agenda for the 2015 Legislature — from a caucus that just a few weeks ago was supposed to be irrelevant to the discussion.