LETTERS: Cost of Strip newsracks outrageous

To the editor:

After reading the article about the county putting new newsracks on the Strip, I’ve decided that my new profession should be selling these metal boxes (“County OKs placing uniform racks on Strip,” May 21 Review-Journal). Who knew that they were so profitable?

Seriously, it costs $300,000 to $400,000 for the ability to display escort service ads? I’m thoroughly disgusted with the Clark County commissioners.



Congressional probes

To the editor:

The new House Select Committee on Benghazi will begin deliberations soon (“Republicans tap former prosecutor Gowdy to lead Benghazi probe,” May 19 Review-Journal). All caring Americans deserve to find out the truth and to place accountability on those who intentionally or negligently failed in their obligations to serve faithfully in protecting the lives of the Americans on the ground in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. The attack resulted in the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans serving the CIA and the State Department.

To Americans who are not afflicted with ideological blindness, what’s most disappointing is the failure of our government to function through the normal framework of congressional oversight, which has failed to achieve investigative penetration in this incident. The Obama administration has redacted and stonewalled its way through nearly two years of Benghazi investigations, while Democrats in Congress prefer to protect their ideological interests for political reasons, rather than seek truth and justice for the American people.

The most critical disclosures on Benghazi have surfaced through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Judicial Watch against the State Department, rather than through the congressional probe. There must be reforms that, during such probes, enable oversight committees to at least obtain information that is readily accessible through normal judicial processes. Clearly, it takes too long to break through the bureaucratic fog of the executive branch and get to the critical facts of vital concern to the protection of our citizens.



Campaign money

To the editor:

In reading James Moldenhauer’s letter, I’m not surprised at the bewilderment that he and many like him seem to express as they try to apply a manufactured understanding to the reality of world events (“Benghazi answers,” May 22 Review-Journal). What does surprise me is they are so slow to catch on that their anger and lack of understanding are quite necessary for a greater purpose. The moneyed interests of this country rely on their outrage to further their own interests.

You’ve probably heard things like: President Obama was born in Kenya, hates Jesus and is going to convert the country into a socialist nation; Sharia law is about to replace our constitution; the federal government is going to put people in FEMA camps; Democrats are going to come take all our guns; there’s a war on Christmas; poor people caused the economic crash; and Democrats are going to increase taxes on trailers.

Corporations, millionaires and billionaires amount to 1 to 5 percent of the population; they have the financial resources to fund entire election campaigns for people who would allow them to operate with impunity, but they lack a constituency that would support their agenda.

So certain information sources were created for the specific purpose of giving certain people just enough information to be outraged, such as: whites are becoming a minority (scary!); people who came to this country for a better life are the most despicable criminals; minorities are participating in voter fraud by the ones and twos; allowing two loving people to marry will somehow destroy other people’s marriages; and the Obama administration has somehow weaseled its way out of being guilty of everything they’ve been accused of, facts be damned.

Yes America, we do have a problem, but it’s not Benghazi.



Democratic obstruction

To the editor:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has lost his ever-loving mind. Why was he sent to Washington, D.C., in the first place? He continues to block some very important bills, and the majority of U.S. citizens are paying for those decisions.

Why hasn’t the Senate passed a budget, which affects every person who pays a fair share of taxes? When can we expect the Senate to pass the bill allowing the Keystone pipeline to be built? With all of the oil we have here in the U.S., why do we import the first drop of foreign oil? I could fill this page with the bills that have been put on Sen. Reid’s desk. He has lost all understanding of what an elected official should be doing in office.

Sen. Reid and 48 other elected idiots are now trying to run the NFL. They want to change the name of the Washington Redskins, a name adopted in 1933 when the team was in Boston. God help us when this happens.

And you, the American citizen, expect the Affordable Care Act to work before this country goes broke? I have news for you: not as long as the progressives are dribbling the ball. Oh, and they just might make you sell the team if you say the wrong thing.