LETTERS: No more media coverage for murderers

To the editor:

I think I speak for all law-abiding residents of Southern Nevada: It is time we see no more photos of the two people who needlessly slaughtered the two Metropolitan Police Department officers and the concerned citizen inside a Wal-Mart on June 8. More needs to be printed about the three victims, and nothing else about the two hateful murderers. They deserve no more media or press attention.



Can the Bundys help?

To the editor:

Evidently, the state of Utah didn’t hear about the Bundy saga in Nevada (“Judge: Evict ‘free rider’ polygamous families,” June 13 Review-Journal). They are going to evict hundreds of people from the polygamous communities in Utah for nonpayment of taxes.

Don’t they realize that many armed men from the Bundy ranch will charge over with their AK-47s to protect these poor people from the tyranny and oppression of big government? This will be interesting.



Prioritizing page layout

To the editor:

I was thoroughly disgusted with the front page of your June 15 newspaper. How could you place the smiling faces of the two cowardly murderers on the same page as the tribute to one of the heroes they killed? You then added insult to injury by providing more ink for the killers than the hero. By recognizing these ignorant cowards in print, you gave them one of their ambitions: acknowledgement by the media.

Who cares what demented rationalization went on in their sick minds? The spree killings du jour will continue as long as the murderers know they will finally get media recognition for their pathetic lives.



Charged twice

To the editor:

Here we go again. When people attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and become more “green,” one of the steps is to use solar panels to reduce their dependence on the power grid, creating less demand for the electricy produced by power plants. Now the attorney general’s Bureau of Consumer Protection wants to conduct a review to see if those people should be charged more because they don’t pay enough to cover NV Energy’s fixed costs (“Review proposed for rates of homeowners who install solar systems,” June 16 Review-Journal).

“This is only a review” somehow doesn’t sound reassuring to those who spent thousands of dollars to reduce their power bills and try to be more eco-friendly. NV Energy, on the other hand, just wants to raise everyone’s monthly fixed charge from $10 to $15.25 to raise millions of dollars for themselves.

So between the attorney general’s office, which is just doing a “review,” and NV Energy, does anyone think the Public Utilities Commission is going to listen to the Sierra Club? Once more, the consumer is the one who’s going to be stuck holding the bag, with those who have solar panels potentially being charged twice in this debacle.



Support clean energy

To the editor:

Your June 16 article regarding the Public Utilities Commission suggests that net metering customers (homes with solar panels) should be put in a different class. That may hint at higher chargese for homes with solar panels. This is moving in precisely the wrong direction.

Because of climate change, we need to do all we can to decrease carbon emissions. Rooftops in Las Vegas, in particular, can serve as solar farms for NV Energy. Rather than discourage home solar farms, the PUC should work to encourage them.

As it is, home solar power feeds energy into the system during the day when NV Energy needs it the most, especially in the summer. Let’s keep the focus on where it should be: climate change. Home solar systems are a positive step in that direction and work to support NV Energy’s need for clean power.