LETTERS: Obamacare latest in line of deceptions

To the editor:

Over the past several days, President Barack Obama, in touting the Affordable Care Act, has changed his tone dramatically from previous years. Many times over the past few years, he emphasized that an individual could retain his or her current health care coverage, should they so desire. Now he has added a simple but explosive line that completely changes the law in that regard: “If deemed adequate to conform to Affordable Care Act standards.”

Millions of health care policies held by individuals content with their coverage will not meet the standards required by the new law. Conservatively, many of those millions will have no choice but to go into government exchanges with higher premiums and deductibles. This was a well-planned, deceptive maneuver. To me, it is one of many deceptions the president has foisted upon the American people.



Socialist failure

To the editor:

It is quite apparent that liberal Democrats never have a happy day. The depth of their hatred is unsurpassed and endless. It has never been more apparent than with their hatred of President George W. Bush, which is ongoing after roughly 10 years.

I suggest that they look in the mirror and ask how a true American patriot like President Bush compares with the current anti-American liar in the White House, who has intentionally destroyed their country and converted it from the most admired capitalist land of opportunity into another socialist failure.



Social Security

To the editor:

Concerning the future of Social Security dilemma, many options are being considered, and none are easy.

The government doesn’t actually call your Social Security contributions a tax. This is because as you earn money from your job, you already pay taxes on those earnings. With the money remaining, you may choose to buy a car, food, etc., but you must pay the Social Security requirement. You have a choice concerning the car, but no choice concerning the Social Security payment.

There is a social contract between you and the government. You pay in a certain amount and receive a certain amount later. The money you pay in is after-tax, and lately, part of what you receive is taxed again. That’s not what the government promised when you were the payer and the government was the receiver.

I think our government should be honest in its dealings, just as it expects us to be honest in our relations with the government. Any new contract can be created. But existing contracts should be honored.