LETTERS: R-J complicit by publicizing Bundy

To the editor:

The whole Cliven Bundy affair makes me sick. What makes me more sick is the weeks of free publicity that the Review-Journal has given Cliven Bundy for absolute nonevents. That he wants to stand on a platform, physically and figuratively, to espouse outrageous claims does not create an event deserving newspaper coverage.

What makes me the most sick is the editorials on Mr. Bundy. We remember well the apologists who clamored that 9/11 was caused by the terrible acts of the United States. Most of us condemned and ignored that nonsense. Yet your editorial writers repeat the same ignorant logic as the 9/11 apologists by citing totally irrelevant issues — such as how the president is violating the law by such horrible acts as extending deadlines for Obamacare — to justify Mr. Bundy’s 20 years of illegal free grazing.

Face some reality: Mr. Bundy violated the law. Mr. Bundy violated court orders. The proper response is for the U.S. attorney general to do his job and obtain an arrest warrant for contempt of court. Federal marshals then may have to force Mr. Bundy to appear for the contempt hearing in court. Finally, the court needs to enforce its order by sentencing Mr. Bundy to jail for 30 days for contempt.

If after that he does not pay back his $1 million in grazing fees, the government should seize and sell the ranch or the cattle, or both. It is time for this scofflaw welfare cowboy to stop ignoring the law, and it’s time for the Review-Journal to stop giving him undeserved publicity. The Review-Journal should accept at least some of the blame for the arrival of the armed vigilante gangs that protected Cliven Bundy.



Heralding Hanson

To the editor:

Regarding Victor Davis Hanson’s commentary, “Reid has become a McCarthy for our time” (Wednesday Review-Journal), all I can say is: Wow. Where did you find this guy? Can we have more of his commentary, even if it means skipping an occasional Steve Sebelius column?

A couple of times a year, I cut out one of the columns in the Review-Journal so I can reread and refer to it. Mr. Hanson’s piece surely is one of those. It is one of the best examples I have read of where we were, where we are and, most concerning, where we are headed. Thank you for exposing us to Mr. Hanson.



Ambulance transports

To the editor:

Regarding the ambulance issues between the Las Vegas Fire Department and American Medical Response:

The City Council needs to replace its fire chief for endangering the public in his steps to take business away from AMR (“Ambulance official blames city for delays,” April 29 Review-Journal). Las Vegas Fire Chief Willie McDonald is acting to put AMR out of business.

When the Fire Department is the city’s only option, the costs will be significant to the taxpayer, since the department has a long track record of being unwilling or unable to control costs. While Councilman Stavros Anthony wants to wait and see how this works out, I wonder how many people will have treatment delayed and with what consequences. We cannot find out, since the Fire Department will not make records available for six months. But when the records are available, I predict a wave of lawsuits against the city for the chief’s willful failure to notify AMR.

The city needs to act now, not later. The council needs to find a new chief who will oversee the full privatization of all emergency medical technician services. This will be a guaranteed savings for the city and will end this dangerous game-playing. Thank you to reporter Jane Ann Morrison for the story, but please give readers a direct phone number to AMR to put on our speed dial.