LETTERS: Shooting range welfare for gun lovers

To the editor:

The Clark County Shooting Complex is in the red to the tune of more than a quarter-million dollars a year. We can’t afford to build new classrooms for schoolchildren, so we house them in trailers. But we need the shooting range to satisfy the recreational needs of our gun-loving fellow citizens?

C. Douglas Nielsen, in his Outdoors column (“Shooting facility deserves same consideration as other parks,” Thursday Review-Journal), suggests the range is nothing but a park providing recreation, and hence it deserves taxpayer support. Does the shooting range allow kids and toddlers to run around and seniors to stroll for relaxation? If recreation is the criteria for taxpayer support, I know of a few strip clubs where adults can go for recreation. Do the strip clubs deserve government support?

Besides, aren’t all the gun lovers supposed to be totally self-reliant and hate all government intervention, including handouts?

Taxpayers throughout the country are paying for the daily violence caused by these gun lovers, so supporting shooting ranges is only a drop in the bucket.



Obamacare bus

To the editor:

It’s disingenuous to lambaste Obamacare because the website has bugs. Understanding the system software and registration complexity is very difficult. Few people, including myself, understand it.

I will attempt to describe what’s needed for web access to work. Let’s take a ride on the infinite access Obamacare bus and see what happens. Think about building a bus. Nobody knows exactly how many people will attempt to board or how many passengers will want to remain until they reach their destination. By definition, this bus must have many operators; some will provide seating, others design and operate the brakes, throttle and steering wheel, and eventually some will pump gas.

First order of business is to have a multitude of bus ticket verifiers validate each ticket. This means calls must be placed to just about every federal and state agency that knows something about the passenger: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, INS, IRS and 35 state government agencies. Every one of these ticket verifiers has a unique access method and filing system. Consider having to access, then translate multiple languages — some archaic — to obtain the information. All during this process, thousands of attorneys are checking that privacy and other rights are not being infringed.

Once validated, ticket holders begin a 3,000-mile, cross-country journey in a bus that must stop at many refueling stations, ultimately gassing up at five, 10 or more unique insurance pumps in 35 states. If this isn’t complex enough, fasten your seat belt, because there are millions of passengers trying to access and ride this bus, tens of thousands pushing the doors open all at the same time.

An excellent reference point for this problem was the $3 billion unfunded Medicare Part D rollout during the George W. Bush administration. This was a much simpler problem, yet the rollout was delayed by three weeks and there were still “bugs on the bus.”



Affordable car care

To the editor:

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the Obama administration pass legislation mandating affordable automobile insurance? That way all of the illegal immigrants and others who are not insured or are underinsured will be fully covered. You cannot be denied if you have pre-existing accidents, you can keep your children on your policy until they are 35 and still living with you.

If you like your present insurance company and your current agent, you can keep your current insurance company and agent, as long as they qualify.

We can call this ‘Obamacar.’