The rich pay more because that's only fair

To the editor:

Having just read Wayne Allyn Root's "Paul Krugman, Nobel ignoramus" (Sunday Viewpoints section), might I suggest the Review-Journal look for a different commentator, someone informed, rational and who doesn't have to employ negative epithets in writing about another individual?

It is possible, despite Mr. Root's reckless accusations to the contrary, to be both a socialist and an honorable person.

In terms of understanding our economy, Mr. Root cannot tie Paul Krugman's shoelaces. A wise man, which Mr. Root is not, learns to keep quiet on issues with which he is unfamiliar. Being rich doesn't give Mr. Root the intelligence to comment on how the rich are underserved in the distribution of income in this country.

By the way, Mr. Root, the reason why the top 5 percent of wage earners in our country are paying 60 percent (not 70 percent) of all income taxes is because the top 5 percent of wage earners hold 60 percent of the wealth in our country.

What is Mr. Root's objection? Against fairness?

Please get rid of this Root fellow. I have a breakfast to hold down.

Tom Climo

Las Vegas

A traitor

To the editor:

I need to share the story of an American patriot who risked his life on countless occasions for the cause of freedom.

On numerous occasions, he risked all he had with a resolve that the cause was greater than his person or possessions. He fought with great valiancy against a most formidable enemy that outnumbered his forces 5 to 1. The battles he fought included the battle at Saratoga and the battle for the Fort of West Point.

After the bloody battles at Lexington and Concord, this patriot was quoted as saying, "Good God, are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties?" Immediately thereafter, he rallied a group of rag-tag militia to contest the British infantry, and along with Ethan Allen led the brigade that captured Fort Ticonderoga. Their objective was to capture the cannons of the fort and to force the British out of Boston. This was truly a great American Revolutionary war hero.

Today, in Nevada, we have another brave patriot who has fought against his adversary with great resolve and against tremendous odds. He was always outnumbered and usually outspent, standing against the tyranny of the Democratic Party's tax-and-spend policies. His name is state Sen. Bill Raggio, R-Reno.

And now, for some reason, in the middle of a battle for America's budget, in the face of runaway government spending and deficits, in the middle of the battle for America's very soul, Mr. Raggio has sided with his adversary, Democratic U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

Bill Raggio has now signed on with "Republicans for Reid." But I'm not totally surprised, because that same Revolutionary hero Mr. Raggio so reminds me of was none other than Gen. Benedict Arnold.


Las Vegas

Fighting for us

To the editor:

Many of us living in Las Vegas will remember County Commissioner Erin Kenny. She had huge support from the Fire Department before the elections, and within months of being in office voted for one of the many sweetheart benefit packages that were to come for police, fire and other public-sector employees.

This past week, a staffer for Democrat Jerry Brown was revealed to have called Republican Meg Whitman, his opponent in the California gubernatorial race, a whore. Why? Because Ms. Whitman was suspected of giving public-sector unions a promise of "no wage cuts" in exchange for an endorsement in the race.

Ever since I saw how Erin Kenny used her power of contract approval to procure the firefighters' endorsement, I have always assumed that the person with the most public-sector union endorsements was the one who cut the most deals.

Until we the taxpayer get "our guy" in there, we don't stand a chance. I suggest in the meantime, vote for the candidate who has the least of these "paid for" endorsements and demand all candidates publicly state they will fight on the side of the taxpayer to control these outrageous public-sector wage and benefit packages.

Michael Clifford

Las Vegas

Harry! Harry!

To the editor:

I've held off on this until now, but in light of Sharron Angle raising $14 million for her campaign this past quarter, I feel it's hugely important to tell you my Sen. Harry Reid story.

Several years ago, my husband and I had a small tax debt (less than $3,000). Three days before Thanksgiving, the IRS threatened to take our house away. We contacted Sen. Reid, and on Thanksgiving Day his office resolved the problem for us.

This is concrete. Something resolved. The stupid political ads you see are theoretical -- Sharron Angle makes up something to scare you. Shame on anyone who believes the lies they see on TV.

Harry Reid is the Senate majority leader. He has done everything in his power to work for you. Losing jobs? Started under George W. Bush. Bailouts? Ditto. Get smart, people. Sharron Angle wants to reverse the health care bill? Good for her, since her household is getting government health care. And a government pension. So she wants to take away your Social Security while she's living off your tax dollars? Can you not think about what that means?

Stop listening to the $14 million hype. Think for yourselves. Look at the facts. There is no way Sharron Angle speaks for anyone but herself. And I know Harry Reid has spoken for me.

He saved my house.

Ellen Hopkins

Carson City