Strike against Syria aligns U.S. with al-Qaida

To the editor:

President Barack Obama insists that his administration has concrete evidence that chemical weapons were used in Syria against its own people, with 1,400 casualties, including children. What’s not clear is who is behind the attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin insists that it was a rebel faction associated with al-Qaida that’s responsible, and neither President Obama nor the media have any interest in investigating the Russian president’s allegations, which, if proved true, would no doubt change the entire debate going on in Congress right now.

If we strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, we would effectively be aligning ourselves with al-Qaida and would seem to be doing just what the rebel faction wants us to do: remove President Assad so this radical Muslim faction can install its leader of choice to head the Syrian government. President Obama is either fully aware of this and actually wants it to happen, or he’s completely inept at dealing with the crisis.

Mr. Obama put the United States in this position by drawing the so-called line in the sand last year, daring President Assad to cross it by using chemical weapons. What President Obama didn’t count on was al-Qaida using his own words against him. Just another prime example of President Obama’s lack of experience in the arena of foreign policy and his unwillingness to deal with this, as demonstrated by sending underlings John Kerry and Joe Biden to once again sell another Clinton-esque cruise missile attack to the American people.

A hearty shout-out to all of you low-information voters who delivered the presidency to Mr. Obama, and shame on the media for not doing the job when it comes to getting relevant information out to the voters.