NDOT's mileage measuring plan is a bust

To the editor:

The Nevada Department of Transportation study of the feasibility of inserting GPS-like equipment into vehicles to raise funds by measuring mileage and use of roads was rightfully criticized as a privacy intrusion. What also needs to be noted is the program contradicts the energy policy of this country.

The department claims it wants to raise funds because hybrids are costing them needed revenue. Encouraging the use of high miles-per-gallon vehicles to reduce oil dependency, as well as reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, is critical to achieving our national goal. If the department needs the funds to support road construction and maintenance, increasing the fuel tax is the way to do that and support energy independence.

The GPS system treats cars that get 14 mpg the same as those that get 50 mpg -- a counterincentive to reduce gasoline consumption and one that ultimately puts a proportionately greater burden on working people and the poor.

Barnett Sturm


It's the law

To the editor:

In response to Maggie McLetchie's Sunday op-ed, "Arizona law an affront to American principles," I find it distressing that anybody would have the audacity to invoke the Fourth Amendment in this illegal immigration debate.

The Fourth Amendment has already been destroyed by the use of DUI checkpoints, airport baggage searches, TSA strip searches and countless other violations. All because we've been brainwashed into believing it's all about the "common good," or "protecting the children."

Now some of the very same people who have advocated the shredding of the Constitution for the "common good" are trying to invoke its sanctity to protect individuals who are not even citizens of this country?

The same group of people who are trying to limit our ability to choose what kinds of foods we eat, what kind of cars we drive and even what kind of light bulbs we use in our own homes are now wrapping themselves in the Constitution in defense of noncitizen criminals who are destroying our country.

The hypocrisy of these people is beyond belief.

Bill Edwards

Las Vegas