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Sandoval: Legal challenge to school choice program 'disappointing'

The lawsuit filed this week against the state's sweeping school choice program did not shock Gov. Brian Sandoval. Both opponents and fans of the education savings accounts, which offer about $5,000 in tax dollars for students to use at private or religious schools, fully expected a legal challenge when the governor signed legislation creating the new program.

Las Vegas anti-tax petitioners file pre-emptive lawsuit

Backers of an initiative petition seeking to quash a $1.4 billion tax package passed by the 2015 Legislature have filed a pre-emptive lawsuit asking a judge to declare that the referendum does not violate the single-subject rule before supporters begin gathering signatures to put it on the ballot.

Why Donald Trump’s net worth might be down more than $50 million since running for president

Since starting his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made a series of controversial statements that his detractors say have disparaged women and immigrants. Surprisingly, his statements have seemed to endear him more than they've hurt him among likely primary voters. His business contacts and corporate partners, however, are not as understanding.