Breach of etiquette stirs Yankees' ire

Most residents of Baltimore watched in disbelief as the New York Yankees scored five runs in the ninth inning Sunday to beat the Orioles 7-2 in Game 1 of their American League division series.

The rally dealt a blow to the O's hopes of making their first American League Championship Series since 1997 and first World Series since 1983.

But not everyone was so concerned about the loss.

In fact, at least two Maryland residents saw the moment as a perfect opportunity to commit a cardinal baseball sin.

Two men saw fit to use the excitement of the ninth inning as a chance to ask Nick Swisher and Derek Jeter for autographs.

Just about everyone who has attended a baseball game knows not to ask for an autograph during a game. Even in spring training, the practice is frowned upon. During a playoff game, it's unthinkable.

These two men should have known better. The offenders were Maryland state troopers who were part of the security detail at Camden Yards.

The New York Post quoted someone who had witnessed the request. "Swish was livid," the person said.

Jeter indicated he never had seen anything like it during his lengthy career.

"What do you think," he said when queried if that had happened before.

■ TOO SOON? - Comedy is all about timing. Even the best jokes often draw negative responses if not delivered properly.

Timing also can refer to the amount of time that has passed since a tragedy occurred and whether it is appropriate to reference in an attempt at humor.

How about if we stipulate that professional athletes shouldn't make any reference to horrific events in a humorous manner, particularly in the region where they play, for at least one year.

Fair enough, Tony Carter?

The Denver Broncos cornerback went to a movie Monday night and thought it a good idea to tweet about that experience.

"At a late night movie in Denver. Y'all pray for me," he posted.

He was referencing the mass shooting at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater in July. The First-and-Orange blog by Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports Carter received a lot of negative feedback on the comment and removed the post. Carter also issued an apology on the social media site.

Carter didn't learn his lesson, though.

On Tuesday, he said he was school shopping for his kids in the bulletproof vest aisle.

■ SANDUSKY SPEAKS - The Jerry Sandusky story won't go away. He finally was sentenced Tuesday, but the week began with Sundusky's voice being heard in a statement he released from jail Monday.

The convicted sex offender proclaimed his innocence and made an odd statement about his personal life.

"My wife has been my only sex partner, and that was after marriage," he said.

First of all, wow.

But no one has inferred these victims you so callously preyed upon in the most disgusting of manners were in any way "partners."

Not to worry, though. He's sure to find several hardened criminals looking for a partner for the next 30 to 60 years.