In Case You Missed It: Land speed racer survives 190mph crash


It’s got to be rare to walk away from a violent car crash and subsequent barrel rolls when going speeds of up to 190 mph, but land speed racer Brian Gillespie is that fortunate soul who was able to crawl out of what was left of his vehicle.

Earlier in November Gillespie was driving his modified Honda Insight, also known as a Hasport Hondata Insight, on El Mirage Dry Lakebed, east of Los Angeles, as part of a Southern California Speed Trial (SCTA) race.

John Wylie, who shot and posted the video on YouTube, said Gillespie was going between 180 and 190 mph before he lost control and rolled his Insight more times than you can, or want, to count.

According to, Gillespie’s “weekend started better” when he “made a 200.9-mph record” the day before, securing his membership into the El Mirage 200 MPH Club and claiming the season championship.

In the heart-stopping crash, the SCTA reported Gillespie suffered a collapsed lung, a cut on his shin and severe bruising around the head, but was released from the hospital a week later.

The SCTA also said, “All the vehicle’s safety equipment functioned perfectly.”

Thank goodness, because when you see what is, or isn’t, left of Gillespie’s car it is amazing to know he lived to race again.