In Case You Missed It: 'Shot of the Year' spoiled

Running, behind-the-back, from the corner, flip three-pointer?

No one could make that shot in their wildest dreams unless his name is Marvey’o Otey. The Virginia high schooler chased down an errant outlet pass and in a desperation move, before running out of bounds, flipped the ball towards the hoop.

“I tried to track it down and keep it in bounds so we could get a quick bucket or something,” Otey told the New York Daily News.

Miraculously the ball hits nothing but net, but Otey didn’t see it. His momentum propelled him through some doors and out of the gym.

“I was out there (in the hallway) and I heard everybody going crazy but I didn’t know it was for that reason,” Otey said.

Unfortunately for Otey and his William Byrd High School teammates his amazing shot and career-high 30 points were not enough. Otey’s Terriers lost to the Cave Springs Knights 76-69. According to the Roanoke Star, Otey also got leg cramps with a minute left and couldn’t finish the game.

Talk about adding salt to the wound, and on a night Otey should be celebrating his national fame for the “Shot of the Year.”

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