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New rifle addresses the need for speed in hunting

If speed is what you like in your sporting firearms, speed is what you are going to get out of the newest rifle cartridge from Weatherby. The company is so proud of the speed generated by this cartridge that it's branding it as "the fastest production 6.5mm there is."

There's more than target practice to shooting clay targets

The shotgun bucked against my shoulder and the clay target disappeared in cloud of orange and black dust. At that moment, a smile came to my face. Not because the shot was something spectacular — it wasn't — but because it was the first clay target I have broken since having shoulder surgery in July.

Winter is no time to forget about boating safety

As a general rule, foul weather is a blessing for duck hunters. Winds and cloud cover associated with weather fronts help to increase daytime bird activity and reduce glare from shotgun barrels and hunters' faces, which can then translate into increased opportunity and success for waterfowl hunters.

Ice fishing can be found in Southwest, but be careful

In some parts of the country, ice fishing is serious business, an outdoor pursuit undertaken with an almost religious fervor. Those of you who hail from the upper Midwest know what I am talking about and probably can trace the ice fishing gene back through your genealogy.

Urban ponds keep anglers hooked through winter

Winter weather and freezing temperatures have settled in over much of Nevada, and that means popular trout fishing destinations to the north of Las Vegas have either iced over or are well on their way. While that is good news for the dedicated ice fisherman, some fair-weather anglers tend to see iced-over waters as a sign that it is time to put their fishing rods away until spring.

Turn down civilization's volume for sounds of fall

There is something special about those quiet moments found only in the outdoors, times when everything man-made seems to fade into the distance and you become enveloped in the music nature provides. If you stop long enough to pay attention, you will find yourself in the middle of a symphony whose individual notes tell their own story.

Hunting tragedies show need for safety refresher

Statistically speaking, hunting is near the top of the list when it comes to safest recreational pursuits. According to a report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, hunting with firearms holds the third position on the top 10 list of safest activities, right between the high-adrenaline sports of billiards and bowling.

First duck hunt: Family fun, but no fowl felled

When we left Dale Rust's cabin at Sunnyside, the hour was so early that it was still nighttime. Well, at least it seemed to be. The temperature was cold enough, as they say, that one could hang beef. If one could find a tree somewhere to hang it in.

Nice weather working against deer hunters

The daytime high in downtown Ely this afternoon should be 76 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Farther north, that number is expected to be a little lower but not by much. The high temperature in Elko should reach 71 degrees, and nighttime temperatures will hover in the vicinity of 40 degrees in both places.