Fishing report, Jan. 23, 2014

■ LAKE MEAD — The water level has risen to 1,109 feet, which is a trend of steady, albeit slight, increases since Dec. 1. Fishing activity has been light and action slow. Anglers have caught striped bass in the Vegas Wash area using cut anchovies and shad imitations fished on jig heads. Stripers are holding deep; anglers are having success working at depths of 60 to 80 feet. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are slowly becoming more active and can be found in the back of coves or near rocky shelves.

■ LAKE MOHAVE — Anglers are beginning to see bluegill and redear sunfish in deeper water, and they are responding to small jigs and nightcrawler pieces. Smallmouth and largemouth bass also are working out of their lethargic winter state and can be found in coves at depths between 12 and 25 feet. Fish are hitting on plastics and nightcrawlers. Striper catches are not large, but they are taking anchovies. A few fish are hitting top-water or reaction baits early in the morning. Catfish anglers are finding the best fishing at night.

■ LAUGHLIN — Action has been light, but anglers are catching a few catfish in the area near Sunshine Peninsula, with most taking anchovies. It’s a good time to try out various baits and lures as the river offers multiple species.

■ URBAN PONDS — The Nevada Department of Wildlife is scheduled to plant rainbow trout from its Spring Creek Rearing Station at Floyd Lamb Park this week. Sunset, Lorenzi and Boulder City ponds are scheduled to receive fish from the Mason Valley Hatchery near Reno. Despite weekly plants, action has been slow.

■ KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA — Ice conditions remain unsafe. Haymeadow is about 90 percent ice-covered. Neither fishing from the dam nor launching a boat is possible. Cold Springs Reservoir has 20 percent open water at its northern end, but the boat launch and dam are iced in. The lower end of Adams-McGill is open along the dam, and there are some spots of open water throughout the reservoir. Dacey is iced over but remains unsafe.

■ EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR — The ice is holding at 9 inches thick, but there are some thin spots. Anglers are having success using green or orange PowerBait as well as shrimp.

■ ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR — One-third of the lake has open water, and the rest has a thin layer of ice. Fishing is possible off the dam.