LEFTOVERS: Man City hurts star’s feelings

You don’t have to look far to find a spoiled athlete these days. But in this case, we go to Manchester, England, where Manchester City soccer star Yaya Toure is upset with management for not properly acknowledging his recent 31st birthday.

His agent claims it is a lack of respect.

City respected him pretty well last year when it gave him a four-year, $80 million deal. But when it only came up with a birthday cake instead of, say, a Bugatti, which Robert Carlos was given on his birthday by his team, Anzhi Makhachkala, back in 2011, apparently that rankled Toure’s feathers as well as his agent’s.

“Of course Yaya is upset about this,” his agent, Dimitri Seluk, told BBC Sport. “If this happened to you as a journalist in the BBC and nobody shakes your hand, you will say bye-bye and go to work for somebody else. It is normal.”

You would think a guy making $20 million a year can afford his own Bugatti and not have to be gifted one from his company. But here’s an idea for Toure — quit soccer, become a world champion boxer and fight at the MGM Grand Garden, where, if you sell the place out, they’ll give you your very own Bugatti, just like Floyd Mayweather got this year.

■ SILVERDOME SOUVENIRS — Remember the Pontiac Silverdome, where Barry Sanders rushed to glory and where the Bad Boys Pistons dominated the NBA?

The once-famous stadium in the Detroit suburbs, which played host to the 1994 World Cup and has hosted performances by such entertainers as Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones, is having a yard sale beginning today.

And it’s a mighty big yard. Among the 4,000 items available for bidding are pretzel warmers, a boxing ring, a Zamboni turf machine, flat-screen televisions and scoreboards. A pre-auction sale of Silverdome seats is already underway.

The Silverdome’s auction includes the old scoreboard used by the NBA’s Pistons, as well as a section of the end-zone turf used by the Lions before the NFL team moved to Ford Field in 2002.

“Every item starts at $5. If we don’t get that, it goes in the garbage,” said Jim Passeno of RJM Auctions, which is handling the online auction that runs through May 29.

Triple Investment Group LLC, which acquired the Silverdome for just over $500,000 in 2009, hasn’t said what it intends to do with the structure. Currently, it is in a state of disrepair, the famous Teflon air-supported roof shredded, the electricity shut off with mold growing inside.

One can only guess the wrecking ball is coming to Pontiac in the near future. And not a moment too soon.

■ BOBCATS NO MORE — Charlotte’s NBA franchise quietly returned to its roots Tuesday, officially changing its Bobcats nickname for the Hornets, the team’s original moniker going back to 1988. They had been the Bobcats since 2004 when the NBA awarded Charlotte a franchise for the second time.

As part of the name change process, the Hornets will reclaim the history of the original Hornets. All original Hornets players will now be considered alumni of the current Hornets, opening up opportunities for the franchise to recognize and honor the earlier era of Charlotte basketball.