Nevada fishing report

LAKE MEAD — Anglers are reporting a lack of striper boils in the past week. Boils that anglers have found have been small and short-lived. The best practice when coming across a boil is to cast from the outside toward the center to avoid spooking the fish. Lures and jigs have worked better than using anchovies or cut bait. Two anglers reeled in several catfish averaging 3 to 4 pounds. The fish were holding at about 60 feet deep.

LAKE MOHAVE — Good action has been reported in the past week for smallmouth bass, while largemouth bass action has been tougher. Smallmouth are hanging off rocky shelves, with largemouth bass a little deeper in submerged brush. Imitation crawdads and drop-shot rigs are working well. Stripers have been a little spotty, with anglers having success early with reaction or top-water baits.

LAUGHLIN — Big stripers are cruising the river, and anglers are having success using anchovies or large crankbaits. A few stripers up to 9 pounds are coming in, but the average size is about 2 pounds. One angler reeled in a catfish weighing 16 pounds near the buoy line below Davis Dam while fishing at night with anchovies.

URBAN PONDS — Floyd Lamb Park and Veterans Memorial Park received a load of catfish that included fish originally intended for Lorenzi and Sunset Parks. Because of low water associated with a construction project at Lorenzi, no fish will be stocked there for the duration of the project. Mealworms are the prime bait for bringing in catfish, bluegill and bass. Marshmallows seem to be a now not-so-secret treat to enticing the catfish.

KIRCH WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA — Haymeadow and Cold Springs have been good for bass, slower for crappie and hit or miss for rainbow trout. Adams-McGill is producing a few nice trout and bass. Fishing has been slow at Dacey for trout and bass, but anglers using flies that are suspended just beneath the surface are having the most success. Dacey will be open to boats with motors on Saturday. The upper ends of Adams-McGill, Cold Springs, Dacey and Haymeadow reservoirs and all of Tule reservoir will be open to fishing Saturday, too. Weeds are starting to surface, making navigation with a boat difficult in the shallow areas of the reservoirs.

EAGLE VALLEY RESERVOIR — The area around the boat ramp and launch area has been dredged of weeds to improve fishing for shore anglers, but the weeds still give boaters and anglers something to contend with. Anglers in boats have experienced better fishing and less weed issues than shore anglers. Soft plastics in darker colors are fooling largemouth bass. For rainbow trout, PowerBait in the rainbow coloration or green with glitter is working well.

ECHO CANYON RESERVOIR — Weeds have been less of a problem in the past week. Rainbow PowerBait, as well as the green glitter variety, has worked well for rainbow trout. Soft plastics in green, brown or black with glitter are hooking bass.

WORKSHOP — The Nevada Department of Wildlife will host a Beginning Fly-tying Workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. Aug. 27 at the NDOW Las Vegas office, 4747 Vegas Drive. All equipment and materials are provided. Register at For more information, contact Tammie Frost at 702-486-5127, extension 3850.