Regents approves new contract for UNLV football coach Bobby Hauck

UNLV football coach Bobby Hauck will take home $700,000 annually under his new three-year contract with the university.

The state’s Board of Regents voted to approve his contract during a special meeting Friday. His contract runs from Jan. 25, 2014, to Jan. 24, 2017, and replaces a contract that was to expire on Dec. 21, 2014.

His contract includes a base salary of $250,000, an increase from $150,000 a year, a media appearance fee of $225,000, an increase from $150,000 a year, and a public appearance fee of $225,000 a year, an increase from $50,000 a year under his current contract.

Hauck will also receive a one-time tax deferred payment of $150,000 on July, 1. He also will be eligible for bonuses.

“I really do appreciate the opportunity to continue the progress here at UNLV,” the 49-year-old coach told the Regents.