Billy Welu, other bowling greats recognized on Letterman show

The late Chris Schenkel would have have loved the Letterman show the other night.

For starters, his name was mentioned. So was his TV bowling sidekick, Billy Welu.

And then Johnny Petraglia was mentioned, and Dick Weber, and Don Carter, and Earl Anthony, and Norm Duke. And so forth.

It was like the ABC Pro Bowlers Tour was back on the air.

Dave was setting up a Top 10 list on why the U.S. Open bowling tournament had been canceled for the second straight year. But then he mentioned Billy Welu and those other guys, and then he couldn’t come up with the name of the excellent bowler who came before them.

By the time some guy in the studio audience shouted “Carmen Salvino” it was too late to do the Top 10 list. It would have cut into the time slot reserved for the younger sister of the Olsen twins.

Anyway, it was a wacky and wonderful Letterman tangent. It reminded one of his show in the NBC days, when it was great. It also reminded me of driving down to the Indianapolis 500 one year and listening to pro bowling on the radio when we got on the other side of Lafayette.

Bowling on the radio? Yes, it happens. But only in Milwaukee and on the other side of Lafayette.