Wranglers postponed by ice hole

A hole in the ice at the Maverik Center forced the Wranglers and the Utah Grizzlies to finish their ECHL hockey game Thursday in at a practice rink in Utah.

The game was postponed Wednesday night with 6:12 remaining in the second period. The score was tied 1-1.

The teams played the final 26 minutes at the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City on Thursday — with the Grizzlies winning 2-1.

Las Vegas goaltender Travis Fullerton, the top shot-blocker in the ECHL this year, made 40 stops in the split game but couldn’t save the Wranglers from dropping to 19-43.

Old-time hockey types agreed the postponement most likely would not have occurred had the game been played on a frozen pond, or in Saskatchewan.

In pond hockey or Saskatchewan when there was a hole in the ice, you just put down an old boot to mark the hole, or a flannel shirt attached to a stick, and skated around it.

Yeah, somebody invariably would try to shoot the puck in the hole before the sun went down, but that was sort of fun, too.

Looking on the bright side, though, the hole in the ice provided the Wranglers with another fun-filled evening in Salt Lake City.