Traffic & Transportation

Licensing open to Uber, others, but hailing a ride months away

Uber, Lyft and other transportation network companies can now apply for licensing through the state, thanks to action taken Monday by the Nevada Transportation Authority . But don’t expect to be hailing a ride with those companies with an app any time soon.

Uber, Lyft could be on Las Vegas streets by Labor Day

It appears that it will take the state about two months to draft new ride-sharing regulations, stage workshops on the new rules, fine-tune the standards and ultimately adopt them. So, figure the likes of Uber and Lyft could be chauffeuring riders around Las Vegas and Reno by Labor Day.

Congress eyes I-11 Vegas-to-Reno plan

A bid to extend the proposed Interstate 11 north from Las Vegas to Interstate 80 outside Reno is advancing this week in Congress, according to Sen. Dean Heller.