Group wedding photo takes a dive

The obligatory wedding photos are something of a necessary evil, but it seems they only become memorable when something bad happens.

Take Dan and Jackie Anderson. As is pretty normal, the groom and bride were getting the group photos out of the way about an hour before they were to tie the knot in Crosslake, Minn., this past weekend.

The pair, along with 20 groomsmen and bridesmaids, shuffled onto a dock to get that perfect picture. But unfortunately, the group took a plunge before the bride the groom.

The entire wedding party, except for a few bridesmaids with some cat-like reflexes, fell into the lake as the weight of the group caused the dock to collapse.

Not exactly how Jackie envisioned her perfect wedding, but she’s a good sport nonetheless.

“Jackie looked up, all smiles, from the water and asked if I got it on video,” the videographer Megan Fritze told KMSP-TV. “Great day to be around really amazing people.”

Wedding ruined? Obviously not.

Postponed? Nope.

Delayed? Slightly. About 10 minutes.

In fact, some from the water-soaked group were still in towels when guests began to arrive, waiting for their dresses and tuxedos to dry.

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