Mountain biker’s GoPro films him being robbed at gunpoint

Talk about terrifying.

A mountain biker was cruising through South Africa’s Western Cape over the weekend minding his own business when he was suddenly flagged down by an armed man and his two accomplices.

The trio robbed Malcom Fox of his cellphone, car keys, oakleys and bike, but, inexplicably, ignored the GoPro camera strapped to the top of Fox’s helmet. And that camera recorded the entire incident, clearly showing the faces of the three assailants.

It’s not like the camera isn’t conspicuously sticking out from Fox’s head. Very obvious.

Nonetheless, the camera went untouched.

“Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GoPro was,” Fox wrote.

And that’s what ultimately led to their demise.

Two of the crooks were arrested the following day. The third was rounded up the day after.

“Thorough investigation work led investigators to the suspects with the help of the footage,” Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut told The Citizen.

Fox got his cell phone back, but not the bike.

How about the Oakleys?

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