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Letter to the Editor, Jan. 14-20


A. Devereaux, I feel your pain, but the drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians are too prevalent for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to monitor. I have logged thousands of foot miles in my lifetime and figured out a few tricks to make my walks safer. First, be aware that the person behind the wheel understands that if he hits you, your body will fly outside the crosswalk, and the driver won’t be cited because it will be reported the pedestrian was jaywalking. So carry a large rock and hold it in a menacing way, suggesting you will defend yourself. Another trick, if you have the time, buy an old baby stroller and a life-size doll, then push it in front of the lawbreaker. I have done this a few times, and the driver always takes off. The bottom line is that person in the 3,000-pound killing machine does not care about you, and LVMPD does not have the manpower or the ability to do much more than issue a reckless driving ticket, so be careful.

— Norm Monson, North Las Vegas