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Lulu's owners aim to offer distinctive breakfast dishes

It didn’t take long for Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast to go from a downtown Las Vegas food truck to a brick-and-mortar breakfast spot at 6720 Sky Pointe Drive in Centennial Hills.

The 2-month-old restaurant and bakery featured a couple of advantages, including its locally famous guava croissants and nationally famous menu consultant Chris Hanmer, a former winner of the Food Network’s “Top Chef.”

Both are holdovers from Lulu’s on the Move, the short-lived but well-remembered food truck that Metro Pizza co-founders Sam Facchini and John Arena put together as a teaser for a long-planned permanent location in northwest Las Vegas.

“It’s a breakfast cafe with items you’re not going to find anywhere else,” Facchini said. “It’s bread-based — we make our own breads here — but there are egg dishes we think are unique to us. Every slice of French toast is a calling card for us, a way to connect with people. If we’re doing that right, then the rest follows.”

Facchini and Arena’s seventh Las Vegas-area restaurant is their most personal.

Named for Arena’s 84-year-old mother Lucy, Lulu’s features order tickets based on kids’ flashcards and a logo based on a 1930s photo of Lucy Arena — Facchini didn’t want to rush.

That’s why Lulu’s didn’t make its debut for nearly a year after customers first patronized Metro Pizza’s sixth location next door.

“These two businesses are connected at the heart,” Facchini said. “This is the kind of place (Lucy Arena) would have built if she were in charge of designing it.

“We’ve got a pretty loyal following already, and we’re hopeful (Lulu’s) will be a real winner, one of those places people feel is part of their repertoire.”

Lulu’s sees spillover customers from the steady lunch and dinner pizza crowd next door, though Arena said the bread and breakfast spot is still working on building its customer base .

With a shape-shifting menu, competitive prices and not much in the way of gourmet bakery competition for miles around, he said he doesn’t think that will take long.

From there, it’s on to Summerlin and Green Valley.

“Every community needs a place like Lulu’s,” Arena said. “From the first time you come in, you feel like you’ve been here for years. We’re trying to build that — a place that’s part of the community, a place that’s like places we remember growing up in New York.”

Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily . For more information, visit breakfast2012 or call 702-437-5858.

Contact Centennial and North Las Vegas View reporter James DeHaven at or 702-477-3839.