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Henderson singer heads home for lakeside concert

Annie Meadows said the night she is scheduled to return to Lake Las Vegas to perform is all about dreams coming true.

“I’ve always had the dream to play on a grand piano with live strings,” she said.

The concert, “Water & Rhinestones,” is scheduled at 7 p.m. June 14 at the Village at Lake Las Vegas, 30 Strada Di Villaggio.

The event is free and open to the public.

Wishes coming true have been a central theme of Meadows’ life.

“My mother always dreamed of having a musician in the family,” she said.

Her older siblings wanted nothing to do with music. But then Meadows came along, offering one more possibility.

Pronounced dead at birth, Meadows wasn’t just a dream come true for her family but a miracle.

In one of her first memories, she recalls reaching up to a piano and playing when she was 3.

At 8, she played for a teacher at school.

“The teacher sent a note home saying I had great aptitude for this and should pursue it,” Meadows said.

Her parents jumped at the opportunity and enrolled her into lessons. And the rest is history, she said.

“I want to honor that teacher at the concert,” she said.

Meadows worked her way through the Christian music industry, writing songs and releasing albums.

She said she has also balanced playing in her backyard, Henderson, and touring.

“I love both, but they are very different,” she said.

When she tours, she prefers to stay with host families instead getting a hotel room.

“It’s allowed me to make connections all over the world,” she said.

But there is nothing like coming home and being able to play for her community.

She remembers exploring her goals in 2010.

“I knew I wanted to play a contemporary Christian concert at Lake Las Vegas,” she said.

She presented her idea to management, which welcomed it. Her first time playing the venue was June 18, 2010.

She returned each Christmas to play at different properties such as Ravella at Lake Las Vegas.

But the upcoming “Water & Rhinestones” concert will be her third time playing on the lake.

Meadows said the event will have something for everyone. She hopes the night serves as a way to be uplifting.

Kicking off Father’s Day weekend, she wants to use the space to honor all the dads.

“With the way the economy is, people are really down,” she said. “I want it to be the kind of night where they are encouraged and their self-esteem is brought back.”

It’s not just her dreams coming true that evening.

“I asked on my Facebook page what (my fans’) dreams were,” she said.

Some dreamed of opening orphanages. Some dreamed of traveling.

For Kathy Craft, her only dream was to sing live with Meadows.

“So we are going to make that happen,” Meadows said.

Craft has been singing since she was 8, whether it was with a trio group her family created or at church.

She met Meadows at a church event many years ago and started a friendship.

“She became my vocal coach,” Craft said.

With touring and conflicting schedules, Meadows and Craft weren’t able to stay as close — though they kept in touch with emails and Facebook.

“I do a ministry on Saturday nights, so I haven’t even been able to attend her concerts,” Craft said.

But it had always been a dream to be a backup singer for Meadows.

“And then I saw her post about dreams on Facebook,” Craft said. “I thought, ‘What the heck?’ I can’t believe she responded. I about fell out of my chair. It’s a dream come true.”

Craft said she isn’t too nervous about the crowd.

“I’ve done this before,” she said. “Whether it is one person or 3,000 people, it doesn’t make a difference.”

She is more nervous about not wanting to let Meadows down.

They have been practicing together for the event.

Along with Meadows’ and Craft’s dreams, this event was the culmination of Meadows mother’s desire to have a musician.

Her family is blown away by watching Meadows perform.

“My father didn’t live long enough to see all my career,” she said. “But my mother has.”

Her mother won’t be able to attend the event, but Meadows plans to tape it and send the recording back for her mom to watch.

“She is very proud,” she said. “She was flipping through the channels one day and landed on the Christian network. She saw me on there singing and was blown away. She could never have imagined seeing me singing on television.”

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