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At the height of triumph, a tragedy.

Miley Cyrus will break in Beacher’s Madhouse

No reason to wait until New Year’s Eve if you can jump-start the party with Miley Cyrus. A so-called “soft opening” turns into a big night at Beacher’s Madhouse, the variety show that opens Friday.

Norton: Sleeping with boogeyman

Hard Rock Hotel headliner Jim Norton suffers from sleep apnea so badly he has to wear a crazy mask at night that makes him look like Darth Vader without the pretty helmet.

Get ready for some (ahem) ‘live music’

This will come as a shock to you 20-somethings who are familiar only with DJs like Calvin Harris, but there are these other things in the world known as “bands,” composed of several musicians who play something called “live music.”

Cedric the Entertainer explains ‘Doug’ to Doug

I am Doug. The guys in “The Hangover” movies are Doug and Black Doug. There was “Doug” the cartoon, and then came “The Dougie” dance.

Phat Pack invites you into its circle, song after song

The Phat Pack is maybe what you’d imagine if Broadway singers came and did a show in your living room. There’s going to be an element of fun to it, but you are still going to sit up straight and not chatter while the guy from “Les Miz” sings “Bring Him Home” right there in front of you.

Show & Tell: Meet Shana Bryn McCartney of ‘Veronic: Voices’

Meet Shana Bryn McCartney, a dancer in “Veronic: Voices.” She started dancing at 2½, and also was a competitive figure skater from age 8 through her sophomore year of high school.

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