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Hawaiian show band Society of Seven ringing in new year

The Strip has become a young person’s party on New Year’s Eve. Is there no hope if you think Pitbull is a dog and 30 Seconds to Mars must be some new sci-fi movie?

Top-drawing DJ Tiesto beginning stint at The Joint

It’s the biggest DJ residency yet in a city whose nightlife is increasingly defined by them. This weekend, Tiesto, the top-drawing DJ in the world, will begin a multimonth stint at The Joint that will extend through 2011.

DJ Irish has longtime love of beats

DJ Irish could find a beat before he could talk. “Apparently at 6 months, my mom and dad came into the bedroom in the middle of the night, and they heard this loud noise,” says the DJ born Kelly Charles O’Neill. “I had rocked my entire crib to the other side of the room, just bumping.”

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