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Bigger, better and more concerts filled Vegas stages in 2015

Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world — if you’ve been around here for any period of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard that term bandied about.

No need for frills, or reinvention, with Strait

Last week’s hullabaloo over George Strait playing at least four Las Vegas arena concerts next year got me wondering: Has any other superstar kept getting more and more popular over the years without doing one thing different?

George Clinton’s new memoir recalls crazy career

You think you know Dr. Funkenstein. And your bop gun is loaded for the return of the Mothership, when George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic play Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq on Tuesday.

Lee Ann Womack returns to traditional country with new album

Lee Ann Womack will forever be linked to the monster crossover hit of 2000. But the Texas singer who helped get us used to figuring out if a song (or its singer) is “country” or “pop” has left the pop side of that divide to the youngsters, returning to the traditional country that inspired her.