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Here’s what you need to know about Apple Music

Apple Music comes out today. Apple Music’s main enticement over other services is the premium it places on offering music filtered through the sensibilties of various musicians and music lovers.

Sasha McVeigh due for free show tonight at the Brooklyn Bowl

To fully appreciate the precocious appeal of Sasha McVeigh, it helps to take a walk back in time before Taylor Swift wielded the kind of clout that could cause an imposing institution like Apple to completely crumble. A few years older now than Swift was then, McVeigh has exactly the same sort of disarming charm that earned Swift a legion of loyalists.

You can buy EDC 7 UP cans and more on eBay

One of our favorite bands, Sunny Day Real Estate, is named after this opportunistic notion that if someone could figure out a way to make a profit from peddling cloudless days, they would.

This just in: Tyga, Drai’s newest resident, actually makes music not just headlines

Tyga has been making some moves, but news about that is buried. The rapper has built up a healthy head of steam, with a new movie, a new album, a new show that’s set to debut in a few weeks on MTV and new shoe line that will drop this fall. Yet that’s not the stuff grabbing headlines.

Vince Neil on “Celebrity Wife Swap” — VIDEO

Did you happen to catch “Celebrity Wife Swap” a few nights ago? We did, and holy crap! Talk about a two dudes on polar opposite ends of the fun spectrum – but then that’s kind of always been the case with these two.

We Are So Not Friends, Zac Efron — VIDEO

Have you seen the trailer for the new Zac Efron movie? Looks about as enthralling as filling up your car with gas. Not a movie critic here, but luckily you don’t need to be — or even see the entire movie, for that matter — to discern just how incredibly stupid it is. The trailer speaks for itself. Sample the dialogue: “Whenever you guys are ready to start making some real loot, you need to holler at me,” says that contemptuous dude from “The Walking Dead.”

Katie Couric interviews Skrillex — VIDEO

So this happened: Katie Couric conducted a suprisingly decent interview with Skrillex, King of The Dubstep, who’s been whipping crowds into a frenzy since 2011, as she puts it. Skrillex comes off as completely amiable and down to earth in the piece, in which he talks about his mom’s death, how he doesn’t want to make music for old people, among other interesting tidbits.

How well do you know The Beatles in Las Vegas? — QUIZ

Global Beatles Day, founded in 2009, is a day to honor and celebrate the phenomenon and ideals of the Beatles. But how much do you know about their time in Las Vegas?

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