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COMMENTARY: All is not lost for the Nevada GOP

Set your clocks back to 2014. The Nevada GOP, led by Brian Sandoval, had just won a landslide victory — sweeping every statewide office and winning both houses of the Legislature for the first time in many decades.

Women most responsible for gender-pay gap

The gender pay gap is overwhelmingly, if not entirely, the result of choices women make. Those choices aren’t right or wrong. They’re just different than the choices men make.


Thanks to the collusion and conspiracy of the mainstream media, the D.C. Swamp and the Deep State, real news is stranger than fiction nowadays.

Thousands of government employees use Medicaid

A liberal’s attempt to shame Nevada’s biggest businesses just backfired spectacularly. Last session, Sen. Yvanna Cancela sponsored a bill that required the government to publish a list of large employers with full-time employees on Medicaid.

CCSD investigation has become a cover-up

When the Clark County School District needed to cover-up misconduct by its top officials, it turned to an unusual tool: hiring an independent investigator.

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