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Thanks to the collusion and conspiracy of the mainstream media, the D.C. Swamp and the Deep State, real news is stranger than fiction nowadays.

Let’s start with the funniest line of the week, uttered by outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Kasich is mulling over a GOP presidential primary run in 2020. He admitted days ago that he “probably” couldn’t beat Donald Trump in a GOP primary today. “Probably” — that’s funny. Ten thousand to 15,000 Americans turn out for every Trump rally, waiting long hours in cold, heat, rain, wind and snow. Kasich couldn’t attract a crowd in a phone booth. “Probably.” Ha.

But Democrats are even funnier. They keep saying Trump should be impeached if he broke the law because “no one is above the law.” Except, of course, every illegal alien in America.

Democrats support ending ICE (leaving no one to arrest illegal aliens), they embrace “sanctuary cities” and now they even want “sanctuary courtrooms.” Just last week, a Democrat judge in Massachusetts helped an illegal alien escape through the back door of the court because ICE was waiting at the front door to arrest and deport this felon. That judge will soon be spending time in a prison cell.

Even funnier is the court verdict involving Stormy Daniels. She owes Trump more than $290,000. That likely makes Trump the first man in history to get a refund after having sex with a porn star. That’s pretty special.

The same mainstream media that ignore Trump’s victory versus Stormy, try 24/7 to paint Trump as an unpopular president. Except he’s not. Rasmussen has Trump at 49 percent as of Thursday. That was five points higher than Obama at the same point in his presidency. The media tried and tried, lied and lied and they still couldn’t make Obama as popular as Trump. Not even on the week that Michael Cohen got three years in prison.

I’ll bet that same lying mainstream media never told you about the testimony of Google’s CEO this week. He admitted the total sum spent by Russia at Google to influence the 2016 election was $4,700. Meanwhile, Google executives donated $1.6 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

There was no Russian Collusion. But there was Google Collusion. I recommend Trump order a special counsel to immediately investigate Google interference in U.S. elections.

That same lying mainstream media have forgotten to mention great economic news: Trump is winning the trade war with China, just as I predicted from Day One. Trump knows China is in precarious shape. Its economy is on the rocks. Everything it makes is bought by the U.S. consumer. If we stop buying, China’s economy and communist government would collapse.

That must scare the D.C. Swamp and the Deep State to death — they are the ones who negotiate such crooked and one-sided trade deals that fleece American workers. They get filthy rich off bad trade deals. That must be why they hate Trump so much. That must be why the Deep State had a top Chinese executive arrested just as Trump sat down for dinner with the president of China at the G20 Summit. Those in the Department of Justice didn’t inform the president. They were trying to destroy Trump’s ability to negotiate a great deal for American workers.

Despite all of that, Trump won. China agreed to lower tariffs on U.S. cars from 40 percent to 15 percent and also made a large purchase of 2 million tons of U.S. soybeans. Thank you, President Trump.

Did you hear any of that in the news? I didn’t think so.

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