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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: How President Donald Trump could step up on coronavirus

This is the most ridiculous overreaction in world history. The mainstream media have made the average American hysterical over coronavirus. Why? That’s how they raise ratings and attract eyeballs. If it bleeds, it leads.

Everyone knows that death, disaster and fear sell. Fear and hysteria lead to money in the bank for the media.

As a bonus, that same liberal, biased mainstream media think they can take down the Trump economy and defeat President Donald Trump in November. It’s two for the price of one. The liberal dream.

Keep in mind that the regular flu killed 61,000 Americans in 2018. Yet no one panicked. No one stopped living a normal life. We all went about our business. But suddenly, with two dozen dead nationwide — many of them old, sick, frail people in one nursing home in Washington state — we have panic, hysteria and economic collapse?

But here’s the thing. To stop the panic and hysteria, President Trump needs to announce a plan. He needs to reassure the nation. Here’s a plan that just might work.

1) Trump was brilliant in restricting flights to and from China two months ago. Now he has to ban all international flights for 60 days with an option for another 30 days. This is how we create “Fortress America” and keep the pandemic from spreading. This is how we avoid a total economic collapse. We take a 10 percent hit now, for 60 to 90 days, so we don’t take a much worse hit later.

2) Ask seniors and anyone sick with disease or a weak immune system to stay home and avoid travel, crowds and sporting events for 60 to 90 days. They are the ones who face risk of death, causing panic. That’s another 15 percent hit now, so we don’t take a major hit to the economy later.

3) Encourage everyone else from ages 21 to 65 to go on living, working, spending, eating out, flying and traveling in order to keep the U.S. economy going.

4) Announce a trillion-dollar fund to bail out small business, airlines and the travel industry. Everyone will get peace of mind. We need only 60 days, maybe 90. Then everything goes back to normal.

5) Announce a 90-day income tax “vacation.” Suspend income taxes for 90 days. Give American consumers breathing room. Ask consumers to be heroes, spend that extra money and save the American economy.

6) Demand the Fed inject trillions of dollars into the system and that banks use the money to make loans to small business and consumers. The business of America is business.

7) Here is the most important part of the plan Mr. President: Talk to the American people. Reassure them. Keep them in the loop. Hold twice-weekly fireside chats during which you explain — good or bad — exactly what’s happening. Be the leader, the CEO, the father figure America needs now.

If Trump announces this plan, the economy recovers and stocks explode. In 90 days, we’re all back to being America again. Pandemic over.

Mission accomplished.

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