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College basketball wagerers flying blind

Without seeing Andrew Wiggins play, most media pundits are assuming the Kansas freshman will be the No. 1 pick in next summer’s NBA Draft. That might turn out to be true, but remember to always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle and jumping to conclusions.

Do Lakers have shot to contend? Not likely

The Lakers hosted a preseason game Thursday night at the MGM Grand Garden, but there was no Bryant and a definite lack of buzz. Imagine the E Street Band showing up to play without Bruce Springsteen.

San Antonio out front, but history favors Heat

At this point, despite the agony of another defeat, LeBron James has to like his chances. The Miami Heat are headed home, and only their margin for error has been eliminated.

Spurs zig, Heat zag, and books lose

It was turn-back-the-clock night for Dwyane Wade, and as a result, a wild series is right back where it started. But maybe it’s not that wild, because this is what was expected.

NBA Finals offers great matchup for bettors, books

If the San Antonio Spurs are going to beat the odds and win four more games, Tony Parker will need to be the best player on the floor in the NBA Finals.

Inevitable Heat-Spurs series a close call

Without fanfare and media hype, Paul George took his talents to South Beach, became a star and put a scare into the Miami Heat.

Heat title no longer foregone conclusion

Everything is coming so easily for LeBron James. When he records a triple-double, it seems routine. When the pressure intensifies late in a playoff game, he now shines in the spotlight instead of shrinking in it.

Thrilling Warriors lift playoffs out of mud

When a couple of young guns from Oakland make headlines, it’s not always good news. But these shooters have the best intentions, and Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the hottest thing going in the NBA.

Anthony finally might attain playoff payoff

In the NBA, reputations are made in the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony is an exception because he entered the league with star status and never has lost it despite rarely winning in the playoffs.