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Literary Las Vegas: David L. Berger

Henderson writer David L. Berger shares his life as a Beverly Hills private eye in the book “Case Book of a Private Investigator.” Covering his life from the ’50s to the ’70s, Berger’s essays detail his exploits from the glamor of Tinseltown to the underbelly of Los Angeles. Accounts include tales of a diamond thief who stole a gem with his tongue, a prostitution ring broken up by a simple flash camera and an organ company janitor who spent years stealing the pieces of a giant church organ and reassembling them in his garage. He might have gotten away with it if the neighbors wouldn’t have complained about the earthquake-like noise. Berger’s work in security had him mixing with notable people of the day from Frank Sinatra to President Lyndon Johnson. Since his move to Henderson, Berger has served as a forensic security consultant, an expert witness and as a police academy instructor.

Neon by night, museum puts signs in a new light

Neon Museum programs include special one-night events, such as an upcoming free stargazing night and monthlong celebrations of culture, such as February’s Black History Month, when the museum is set to highlight the work of Paul Revere Williams, the creator of many works of classic googie architecture, a style typified by strong curves and geometric shapes and a dramatic use of steel and glass. Williams designed the building that serves as the museum’s lobby, the restored and relocated lobby of the La Concha Motel.

Book Briefs for Dec. 31, 2013-Jan. 6, 2014

Upcoming literary highlights include a Black Mountain Institute discussion titled “Does it Matter if Jesus Was Married?”

Citrus in the desert is hit or miss

Question: Do oranges grow in Las Vegas? Also, when is the best time to plant a new tree?

Reader-submitted photos and adoptable pets, Dec. 31-Jan. 6

View Neighborhood News readers send photos of their pets and everday lives, and View features photos of pets ready for adoption each week. To submit a photo, email View copy editor Anne King at aking@viewnews.com or mail to Viewpoints, 1111 W. Bonanza Road, Las Vegas, NV 89125. Photos cannot be returned, and due to the high volume, they are often scheduled a month or two in advance.