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Even with headlines, Ebola outbreak in U.S. unlikely, UNR expert says

An expert on Ebola told a Nevada panel of public health officials Wednesday that the virus has virtually no chance of becoming a health care crisis in the United States despite the number of headlines the pathogen is grabbing across the country.

Clinical Simulation Center uses high-tech manikins to train medical students

Behind the doors of an unremarkable building in an older part of town, there is a woman who has given birth more than 1,000 times, a man who regularly fakes post-traumatic stress disorder and a storage room with stacks of babies. It’s just another day at the office for the staff of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas.

Health official won’t ID valley hospitals designated to treat Ebola

Public health officials in Southern Nevada have designated hospitals where emergency medical teams should take patients fitting the Ebola profile, but the region’s chief medical officer won’t say where those facilities are.

Nevada last state in lower 48 without confirmed case of enterovirus D68

The confirmation Thursday that an Arizona patient had been infected with enterovirus D68 leaves Nevada as the only state in the lower 48 without a confirmed case of the pathogen, which has caused a national wave of severe respiratory illnesses.

Nevada Ebola task force members named

Dr. Dale Carrison, chief of staff of University Medical Center, and Dr. Joseph Iser, chief medical officer of the Southern Nevada Health District, are the Las Vegas area members of a task force charged with planning for the possibility of a person with the Ebola virus coming to Nevada, state Department of Health and Human Services officials announced Wednesday.

Turning up the heat: Hot yoga uses triple-digit temps to intensify workout

Most people go indoors to escape the Las Vegas triple-digit temperatures. Some people go indoors to exercise in triple digits. They are devotees of hot yoga and hot Pilates, where the room temperature is cranked up, and the humidity is increased.

Nevada sets up Ebola task force

An advisory task force to oversee Nevada’s preparations for Ebola is being organized to ensure plans are in place to contain the deadly virus in the event of an exposure in the state, Nevada Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tracey Green said Friday.

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