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Is there room in Vegas for two star ventriloquists?

Terry Fator stresses the variety show elements of his Mirage production make him different from fellow ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who favors a more racy approach. Dunham is setting up at Planet Hollywood for a resident run.

Create treasured memories with a tree-cutting adventure

The nostalgic trek into the woods to pick out the family Christmas tree is a tradition that survives in Western states such as Nevada where tree cutting is allowed on forested public lands.

Mercadito stands out among Mexican restaurants

They don’t bring you chips and salsa when you sit down at Mercadito. And frankly, we didn’t even notice until later, because there’s so much going on at this Mexican restaurant that isn’t a typical Mexican restaurant.

Property Brothers starting to feel at home in Vegas

In “Property Brothers At Home,” HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are renovating their southwest valley home, giving it a two-bedroom casita, an infinity pool and the city’s first commercial-grade backyard water slide.

Filthy lightning doesn’t strike twice for Aniston

Her dirty dentist was one of the highlights of “Horrible Bosses.” But, like much of the sequel, her sexually voracious character feels lazier and cheaper in “Horrible Bosses 2.”

New center greets Corn Creek visitors

Corn Creek, a former ranch and stage station 23 miles northwest of Las Vegas, remains the most accessible part of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. A handsome new visitor center provides an introduction to the sprawling preserve.

Pot Liquor C.A.S. not all about smoke

The C.A.S. in Pot Liquor C.A.S. stands for Contemporary American Smokehouse, and in that context, the restaurant serves just what you’d expect: ribs, smoked chicken, pulled pork and brisket. But …

JLaw acts her keister off in ‘Mockingjay’

There’s a noticeable lack of action, but the bleak “Hunger Games” sequel is as every bit as good as could be expected, considering it’s only telling half a story.

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