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Creating a pollinator-friendly habitat in your backyard

Pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and beetles play an important role in producing healthy plants and food for people and wildlife. Without pollinators feeding on nectar and moving pollen from one flower to the next, most plants would not produce fruit or seeds.

Tips for a keeping your home safe and dry this winter

Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are in store for much of the country this winter, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, and that means homeowners need to start taking immediate steps to ensure that their loved ones and property stay safe and warm through the long, cold months ahead.

Create inviting entrances to welcome holiday guests

Holiday season guests will soon come knocking at your front door. What’s the first impression your home’s entryway creates? Is it a warm, friendly welcome, or is the cold hard truth that your home’s entryway could use some improvement? Try these handy holiday entryway-decorating tips to create an inviting entryway and make everyone feel right at home.

Laws to legalize pot for recreational use continue to grow

Americans have come a long way in their acceptance of marijuana. Long gone are the days of “Reefer Madness,” the infamous 1936 movie that depicted a couple falling into addiction and ultimately – madness. Today, 58 percent of Americans favor the legalizing of pot for recreational use, according to an October 2013 Gallup poll.

The ‘Three P’s’ to smarter holiday spending

Americans will spend more than $6 billion this holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation. How much of that will be overspending or outright wasted money? It’s possible to control holiday spending and make smart money decisions this holiday season, if you keep in mind the “three P’s”: plan, purchase and protect.

Gifts for foodies guaranteed to leave taste buds dancing

Between the growing trends of boutique restaurants, creative home cooking and entire television networks dedicated to food, you probably know a few people who consider themselves “foodies.” Whether they love craft beer, decadent chocolate treats or gourmet cheeses, you can find many great gift ideas for people passionate about food and drink. Make their holiday extra bright by indulging their interests and exploring some of these top trends in food-related gifts.

Don’t bust your budget: Tips and tricks to stretch those holiday dollars

Creating lists, checking them twice – it’s a tradition for many families across the country this time of year as they plan and shop for gifts for friends and family. Even with the economy starting to recover, many people will set a budget before tackling their holiday shopping, but two-thirds of those that set a budget will likely go over. Here are some ways to save.

Shape up your home in time for the holidays

Excited about hosting a holiday party; but dreading the decorating? You don’t have to spend a great deal of money or invest a lot of time to get your home holiday ready. There are a number of quick, easy and inexpensive projects you can complete to update your decor before the first guest rings the doorbell.

Easy cookies for the holidays – or any day

Whether the goodies are for gifts, for parties, or for the family to enjoy, crisp fall and chilly winter days are the perfect time to have the oven on and the house smelling great.

Romance is in the air: the best holiday gifts for couples

For the love of your life, channeling all of your romantic feelings into a perfect present is a challenge. This year, a surefire way to that person’s heart is a gift that celebrates health and wellness and brings the two of you closer.

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