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Democrats keep dodging debates

Despite having some of the most watched and expensive political races in the country, Nevadans won’t get to see many debates. There’s a reason for that. Jacky Rosen, Steve Sisolak and Susie Lee keep dodging them.

Donald Trump doing the right thing on trade

Our trading partners, as a group, have imposed more barriers to importing goods and services from the United States than we have imposed on them.

CARTOON: Kanye West the token black?

CNN’s Don Lemon replaces the late U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd as Exalted Cyclops

COMMENTARY: Automatic voter registration is safe and secure

Question 5 offers a cost-effective and commonsense way to make our voter rolls more accurate, while also making registration more convenient for eligible citizens.

COMMENTARY: Revamping the U.S. Senate is a fantasy

Almost uniquely among constitutional provisions, and unlike the Electoral College, the assignment of two senators to every state regardless of population is essentially unamendable.