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CES 2019 brings the latest consumer electronics products and trends to Las Vegas Jan. 8-11. Smart home technology, facial recognition, robotics and esports are some of the developing technologies already making their mark, but just about every industry will be showing their wares, from beauty products to farming equipment, virtual reality to driverless cars. Follow reports as Las Vegas Review-Journal reporters and photographers cover the convention floors, keynote speeches, conventioneers and vendors.

CES 2019: This VR hockey system lets you train like a pro — VIDEO

Golden Knights fans are used to dropping some serious money, so what’s another $3,480 for a virtual reality hockey training system — plus $300 for the accompanying hockey stick with haptic feedback and a $199 monthly license fee — to practice your shot in your rec room?  infogram

CES 2019: Little-known pain relief tool could end opioid crisis

Nerve stimulation to treat neurological conditions has been around for the last five decades, but lack of knowledge about its use in part led to the rise in the national opioid epidemic, members of a CES panel said Tuesday.

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